Youtube Policies

Are Liendy links allowed on YouTube?

We often get asked whether our links comply with YouTube's policies, and the answer is straightforward: YES! 


The way you share the link is a pivotal factor in using Liendy effectively. There are various methods to distribute your link, with one of them being adding links to your YouTube video description. 


Can't post a link? If you encounter difficulties posting a link, don't fret. 


In most cases, you can simply modify the URL of your link. Log into your dashboard, click "edit" on the desired link, and update the URL in the third field.


Policy compliance confirmed: 


After a thorough review of our service against YouTube's Guidelines, it has been established that using Liendy links on YouTube is permitted.


The Liendy Link Shortener is among the few providers that adhere to YouTube's guidelines. These requirements cover three key areas related to external links: User Guide Content Advertising Which YouTube policies impact our service? 


All three sections listed below demonstrate's compliance with YouTube's policy. Our service seamlessly integrates into YouTube videos or video descriptions. Thousands of content creators already trust us to monetize their links, and now you can use Liendy as well to monetize your links. Links in content Product placement 

Advertising in YouTube videos The actual risk of YouTube video strikes related to links If a YouTube video or channel faces issues with Liendy links, it's important to note that the cause lies with the content of the creator, not the service. 


References to relevant YouTube guidelines: 


Video Spam Dangerous or unacceptable content Pure poaching of users for website visits Copyright infringement Should you have any further inquiries regarding Liendy or our service, please feel free to email us at or reach out to us on Twitter. 


We hope this article has provided you with the answers you sought and will facilitate your payment requests even more smoothly. 


We wish you the utmost success! Your Liendy Team!