Program Policies

All Liendy users are required to comply with the following program policies. 


Please read it carefully. 


For unauthorized violations of these policies, we reserve the right to close your account at any time or disable it in the event of serious violations. 

If your Liendy account is disabled, you will no longer be allowed to join our service again. 


Please note that violating the policy of a single link can lead to action against your entire account.


Guidelines for linked Websites:


It is not allowed to link to violence-glorifying content, hate speech, harassment, or content related to bullying or obscenity.


It is not allowed to link to content related to illegal drugs. 


It is not allowed to link Liendy links into each other ("loop traffic") or use other methods to confuse visitors. So-called "link chains" in which liendy links occur more than once are also not allowed. 


It is not allowed to monetize the deep links monetized via Liendy via comparable service providers or otherwise to make them publicly available (see also our conditions of participation for the exclusive granting of rights to us).


It is not allowed to link to copyright infringing or protected content without having the necessary rights. (especially music- or movie- downloads). 


It is not allowed to link to misleading or deceptive software.


It is not allowed to link to malware or adware content. 


Guidelines for Traffic Sources:


It is not allowed to click on your own Liendy links or use other methods to untruthfully increase the number of visitors. 


It is not allowed to generate visitors from the following sources: Third-party services for generating clicks, Bots, Pay-to-Click, Pay-to-Surf, Autosurf, 

Click-Exchange programs. = Violations of these policies will deactivate your 


Liendy account without the ability to withdraw. = If you violate these policies, your Liendy account will be reclassified and fewer advertising settings will be available.