What is Liendy.com ?

Liendy - Your Portal Towards a More Ethical and Transparent Web


In the heart of the paradise island of Madagascar, we created Liendy,much more than a simple cashlinks platform, it is a community committed to a common vision: making the Internet a more ethical, transparent and enriching space for all.


Transparency is our Foundation: At liendy, we believe that transparency is essential. We reveal every aspect of our business model, explaining how our payments work, our advertising revenue streams and our user data management.


Content Quality is Essential: We put content quality first. Encourage yourself to share links to relevant, authentic and enriching information, helping to create a more informative and positive online environment.


Respect for Rules and Values: We respect the rules of social media platforms and we are committed to eradicating abusive practices. We fight spam, misinformation and harmful behavior.


User Safety is Priority: Your safety is our priority. We implement rigorous measures to protect your personal data and ensure a secure online experience.


Social Responsibility Guides Our Actions: At liendy, we are committed to supporting social and environmental causes that matter. We partner with local charities and are committed to making a positive impact on our community.


Online Ethics is Our Compass: Our commitment to online ethics guides each of our actions. We believe in an Internet where integrity, transparency and quality take precedence.


Join Liendy, where every click contributes to a better Internet. Together, we can make a difference by promoting ethical practices online while creating value for all users.


Join the Liendy revolution and help us redefine the Internet for a more transparent and ethical future. Together we can make a difference and create an online space that enriches our lives and our community. Join us today at liendy.com.